video still from our house to the summit of europe
The site present some of my works both past and present which have a bearing on my general direction sinse leaving art school almost twenty years ago. For the most part the site is given over to video and video 'walk-throughs' of show and projects, rather than images. This is simply a practical dicision as videos are more able to capture the essense of a show than individual stills, and in turms of website space and time are just so much easier to present on one page than multiple images. Having said this there will be some images as necessary, plus audio which is becoming increasingly present within my work. Of course video and audio do require more time on the part of the viewer, so if you do take the time, I'll say thank you now. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Several of the works presented here come under the heading of 'Shipsides and Beggs Projects'. These are the result of works made by the Belfast based artist Dan Shipsides and myself. We formed this collaberative practice back in 2008, however our first joint works "The Alphabet Climb' dates back to 2004.
'From our house to the summit of Europe' wall painting (scotch 2011) based on a walk I made in 2009 from my home close to Nantes (top left) to the summit of Mont Blanc (bottom right), a distance of around 750km. I made a film while walking, which is very long (4h40m). The entire film is presented on this site in 42 clips each lasting about 6 minute. Click here to view the films clips and more info on the backgound of the work.
Clickhereto view a video relating directly to the making of this wall painting