Phone Recordings 2013 - 2018 : SBP Edition 2018 (in development).
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'if i fall': Shipsides and Beggs Projects 2014.
Decimation in A Flat for Piano : Shipsides and Beggs Projects 2018
Swap for a Strymon Flint : 2018
Phone Recording 2013-2018.
For the passed five years I has been using the voice memo facility on my phone to record ideas for songs. Many of these recording were made in the car or when working away from home, and represent a moment in time when an entire song or part of a song would materialize. All of the recordings have been put through a very basic cleaning up edit using the free software Audacity giving many the feel of a 'Zoom' like recording. Indeed some were recorded using the small ZoomH4n. Sound quality and mood range dramatically across the recordings and the years, some are harsh, clumsy and primitive while others are not. All songs are my own, original, and copyright of Neal Beggs. Having said this there are many references within the songs to traditional themes and lyrics common to folk, blues and gospel music. All the guitar is acoustic and played by myself. So far there are around 60 recordings in this collection, with more in the pipeline and the nature of the work implies that more recording will be added as they occur over time.
As an artwork, this collection is very new (feb 2018) and is presented here to coincide with an exhibition entitled 'Artists who make music and Musicians who make art' curated by the Scottish artist Ross Sinclair, taking place in Glasgow at this moment at the Queens Park railway Club. Its a kind of background 'Off Site' supliment to the physical work Shipsides and Beggs Projects are exhibiting in that exhibition. The exhibition brings together the work of 100 individual artist making it quite a unique event.
In time, contextual info relating to the date and place of each phone recording, will be added.
A final concrete form for this work may well be a small CD and vinyl disc edition/run produced by Shipsides and Beggs Projects in conjunction with an interested partner organization or label. Any interest, comments or feedback is welcome via message to the Neal Beggs Studio facebook page (link can be found at the top of this page).